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Include Original Image Files on the VideoCD

When I first tried the demo download of XATshow (some 4 months ago),
I was able to include the original image files on the videoCD. A
month ago, I decided to purchase the software (version 5.02). I
made a few VCD slideshows since, but noticed that the original image
files used for the slideshow were not included in the VCD. I
emailed XATshow and I was told that there is a checkbox ("include
original image files on the VCD") on the videoCD/DVD options page.
However, I checked my version of XATshow and nowhere in the
VCD "options" page can I see that checkbox. The VCD 'options' page
just lists the following:
advanced slideshow options
run slideshow once
sync to music
spaced to music length
videoCD options
apply antiflicker filter
reduce image to fit TV
include XATshow installation on the videoCD (can't be

I would really like the ability to include the original image files
on the VCD so I can back-up the original files on the same VCD. I
emailed XATshow again regarding this matter, but no response. I
hope any of you guys can help me. By the way, where do you get the
latest beta version? Again, the version I'm using is 5.02

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