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Parameters for sound files

That might help, but I've also had problems with some wav files I've
created from the cd using Adobe Audition (aka Cool Edit). This one issue
pushed me to use another product for creating slide shows with sound.
XatShow is my choice for screen savers without sound.

I use CDEX using the LAME encoder for making my mp3's. What I'm trying to
figure out is what parameters to set CDEX to encode with. I could find no
consistency as to which files work and which did not.

Darren Farris at xat wrote me the following about the problem: "Sound file
for xatshow are processed by the external audio codec installed on your
machine, rather than by xatshow itself. This is not an ideal solution as"

"To give it the best chance of working (all codecs support) I recommend you
select an mp3 44.1Khz Stereo without any extensions. Many users have had
success with mp3s ripped with (or converted) by"


On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 04:13:06 -0000, Bill N <billn2375@ > wrote:

> Just a wild stab, but I've had problems in other programs (ULEAD DVD
> picture show for one) with the ID tags on MP3 files. You may want
> to make a copy of an MP3 that's not working and remove the tags with
> WINAMP to see if this helps.
> (right click on the track in WINAMP, click file info, uncheck the ID
> Tag boxes and save the file). Again, do this to a copy of the mp3
> file or you'll wipe out title, artist, genre info on your original
> mp3.
> You should see the address of the header move (see mPEG info on the
> file info screen). This may help.
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