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List of Compatible DVD players for XATSHOW anywhere?

I had same problem; wish xat would provide a list of which dvd are
compatible when you purchase; it's now the old buy the software and
then go buy new hardware to make it work; ps I tried encoding to
Afganistan but it didn't work ...

Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2004 5:34 AM

My Old DVD player, "Toshiba Model:SVD 280" that was combatible with
XATSHOW just died and I went out and purchased a "Zenith Model:
XBV343", got it setup, and tried one of my Burned XATSHOW Slideshow
CD's and it didn't play. I know the disk works, as I had used it in
my Toshiba and I also have tried it in my Brothers "Toshiba Model:
SDV291".I was wondering if anyone knows of a comaptiblity listing
for DVD players that will work in XATSHOW. I guess the best thing I
can do is take a XATSHOW Slideshow CD along and try it at the store.

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