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Understanding Music

The delay is 4 seconds, but I'm not sure you are understanding my

Here is a follow up question - when a song repeats, do the bits for the
song get duplicated on the CD, or are they just referencing the same
copy within the structure of the VCD? Does the PCSLIDE Show act the
same (duplicating song bits versus referencing existing ones?).

I have started my own experimentation to determine the numbers for my
I am finding sound dramatically increases size:

A 345 Slide CD:
- 137 MB VCD with no sound
- 365 MB with sound (unique songs for each minute of VCD)
- 16 MB PCSLIDE show without sound
- 36 MB PCSLIDE show with sound

PC slide show amounts can simply be added together to get the numbers
for a VCD that has both on it.

I would like to suggest a feature that predicts how many photos could be
placed on a VCD. I could envision it using the following techniques /

*) Ask me to have a certain number of sample images for my average
composition (assumes that many users will be using the same camera and
similar picture types - but averaged across enough photos this should be
able to be relatively accurate.
*) Perform benchmarking of those images (most likely creating sample
temporary shows and tracking the time and size).
*) Report the approximate number of pictures per disk for the following
composition scenarios:
- VCD slide show(s) only
- VCD Slide shows w/ sound
- VCD slide show(s) only w/ PCSLIDE show
- VCD slide show(s) w/ sound and w/ PCSLIDE show
- PC slide show only
- PC slide show w/ Sound

You could output it as a slider scale in MB that shows each of the above
on the slider and then shows the capacity of 650 MB CD, 700 MB CD, 2.4

I would be great to let it do the calculations and then let me
dynamically change the following items and it could change the graph:
- number of slides
- length of delay
- with or without music
- with or without PC slide show
- with or without full archive copy (when the feature becomes available)

Optionally this procedure could predict how long it will take to build a
show on a given PC since you could benchmark the time as well.

*) Also a pie in the sky feature idea - what about building a plug-in
for Canto Cumulus - now that would sell like hotcakes - especially if
all the above prediction algorithms were built in so I could have
XATSHOW build a full archiving system that included musicfied VCDs with
canto cataloged images.

Anyway, please drop a line on the issue of whether song bits are
duplicated - which would mean there is no benefit to purposely
configuring shorter, repeating songs - or whether repeating songs cause
the same song bits to be referenced multiple times.


Darwin Sanoy
Principal Consultant / Instructor

Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2003 6:26 AM

Let me answer these first:

>PS - A couple follow up questions:
>*) If I add sound that is shorter than the slides, does the sound file
>get repeated, or does it just end?

It gets repeated.

>*) Is there a way to add a sound file that applies to the entire disk
>that has more than one slide show on it?

In your post you haven't given the delay between images. This is a


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