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List of Compatible DVD players for XATSHOW anywhere?

Message>>>"Michael Hall:I just ask to see the manual if I'm not sure."<<<

One thing I have found out with my experience the last few days with purcha
sing a new DVD player, is that even if the manual or the info on the box do
es say that they will play in the format you need, it still does not mean t
hat it will play Xatshow as I found out with the Zenith. I guess the best a
dvice is either ask friends that have DVD players if you can try a workable
Xatshow VCD in their DVD player or take it along and try it at the store,
until someone comes up with an up to date XatShow Compatible list.

BTW, I did go buy the "Toshiba Model: SDV291", and it works GREAT. FYI it i
s a DVD/VCR combo and only paid $129.

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