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Old April 12th, 2003, 05:07 AM
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Just wanted to drop another note on archival copies.

I currently name my pictures as such "yyyy-mm-###" and then in the slide
show I overlay the file name so that when the pictures are being watched
and someone things "I would love to have that one printed!" they can
copy down the number. However, if they attempt to find the image in the
archive it won't match.

So on the reasons for renaming:

*) We are limited to 8.3 filenames: If you did a self-extracting zip
archive you could overcome the long file name limitation and get

*) Renaming preserves the order of the images: I am not sure the
preserving the order of the images is that important for archiving for
most folks. If order is important then maybe the could also include the
PC slide show and extract from it to determine image order.

*) If an image is used twice or two images have the same name it avoids
a clash: For archiving purposes, just include one copy of the original -
it just seems like lots of extra disk space to include more than one.

I think perhaps if you do the archive before building the slide show you
could easily extract the needed info before doing an internal renaming,

Just begging for a much more user friendly archive for the grandparents
- and for me since archived images correlate to my real image names.
Another reason I am looking for renaming is off-site backup - if the
XATSHOW archive is all I have left of my photos, then the simple
sequence number naming across all achive CDs would be a huge mess to
figure out.


Darwin Sanoy
Principal Consultant / Instructor

Sent: Saturday, April 05, 2003 2:06 AM

Hello Darwin

>I hate to whine before the feature is even out
Its ok, I'm used to it ;-)

.... and of course its the best time to as It could be changed!

>- but I have my files
>named uniquely so that they can always be indentified no matter where
>they are located (YYYY-MM-000).
>Why do they need to be renamed?
Three reasons:

We are limited to 8.3 filenames
Renaming preserves the order of the images
If an image is used twice or two images have the same name it avoids a

I am considering including say RENAME.BAT which would rename the
pictures back
to their original file name if copied onto disk first.

>Will they retain all EXIF and ITPC data? (ie - a simple file system
>will not remove this data - any type of jpg re-save might.)
Yes, although currently time/date not preserved (this might change!)

>Will full archive versions be supported in the PC Slide show as well?
Hmmmm, I haven't included a .xats file yet, only the pictures, so I
guess not


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