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Old August 25th, 2003, 08:25 PM
rbowren rbowren is offline
Join Date: Aug 2003
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5.10 Don't Waste Your Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xatshow pictures to cd.

I just thought 5.02 was bad but I tried 5.10 & what a waste of time.
Even though 5.02 won't put transitions on the vcd as it looks like it
should & would even though you have all the checks in the right
places. the vcd has glitches on certain pictures looks as if you cut
a piece of one picture & attatched it to another one it at least for
the most part works if you can put up with some bad pictures & it
takes just under two hours to do the create process on 800 pictures &
twelve songs.
With 5.10 To create the exact same 800 pictures with twelve songs it
took seven & a half hours ( YEP ! 7 1/2 HOURS.
Then if that was not bad enough I go to burn it & using the write
program that came with it it stops & says FAILED TO WRITE TRACK 1
What a waste of time & cd's.
When I looked where the files are suppose to be with 5.02 there was 2
files one you could click on to burn & one that was th pc show.
With 5.10 only one file there the pc show & 2 icons with windows
flags if you look at properties on each one they say 153mb type
application, cue file 258 bytes, avg update file.
WHY is this version not even on the xat site ?
DOES anyone have it & had any success with it or any of the xat
versions ?
I want a clean vcd slideshow I can count on with transitions that I
can add music to.
I tried the 5.02 one more time with 3 different blank cd's recorded
back to back from the same create process & they all had the same
glitches in the same places so I think I ruled out the blank cd's
being the culprit.
I think it is the create process & I am asking because I don't know &
am frustrated at this point I have wasted alot of time & cd's to do a
rather simple task I just want someone to admit it is the product
that is the culprit & if not & you have ever gotten a vcd to burn &
play that was clean all the way through on a dvd player I would love
to hear how you did it.
I tried my nero software as low as it will burn at 8x.
As I said what came with the xat 5.10 did not work at all.
Buffer level / state shows steady 96% & used read buffer stays at
100% both these numbers stay that way all the way through the burn.
It always says burn process completed successfully after each burn.
The file always says it's about 100 mb bigger than it actually is
after I burn & check the disk it is always smaller.
Of course I have defragged & have nothing else running or on.
As I said before win 98 2nd. w/ all updates, Mad dog 52x24x52 burner,
Nero burn software, 80 gig, 256mb so I really don't think it's on my
end but I want to know so I will quit wasting my time.
All I want to do is preserve my scanned pictures, put some music with
them & be able to play them on a dvd player.
Is there software out there that really will do this without errors &
glitches ?

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