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Image Not Created by Xatshow.

Okay, last week I could see only a black screen in the slide show,
with the error message "Image not created by Xatshow." Of course,
the images were created with Xatshow, so I do not understand this
error. Finally, by renaming the images using a simple 01.jpg,
02.jpg, etc, I created a new slide show and uploaded and everything
worked fine. I sent the URL to many of my chums and they liked the
slide show, except one chum (using Win XP and IEX 6.0) said she only
received the black screen. I also use Win XP and IEX 6.0.

This week I went back to the site, lo and behold, I am only
receiving the black screen again! Although the web show worked last
week, it does not work this week. What the $%^#@ is going on?

> Did you upload each individual picture?
> robin

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