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Image Not Created by Xatshow.

Intense aggravation! :-( Because the web show will not display, I
deleted all the files on my server, then created the web show again
and uploaded all files via FTP. Still the same error
message, "Image not created by Xatshow." Okay, since it doesn't
work, delete everything again.

Create same web show a fourth (fifth?) time and upload using Front
Page. Same error. "Image not created by Xatshow." I'm beginning
to think the XatshowApplet does not recognize the files created by

I have two of these web pages posted last week, and they both worked
fine. Why did they stop working?

I'm open to suggestions.

> Thanks, Sandra. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I really enjoy
the web shows, but these pesky problems are quite frustrating.
> Welopez

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