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Image Not Created by Xatshow.

Problem solved! ;-) Evidently, due to the litigation between Sun
Microsystems and Microsoft, my new computer was shipped with the MS
Virtual Java Machine installed, which would not display the Xatshow
applet. By going to the Sun website and downloading their free
Virtual Java Machine, all my web shows work perfectly, including the
Xatshow home page with the two small images!

> Okay, it has to be the updated security settings in Internet
> Explorer 6.0. I have a second computer networked to my satellite
> modem. The images on my web pages as well as
> www.Xatshow/screensaver_maker/index.html display perfectly on the
> second computer. The second computer uses Win XP but has none of
> the windows updates applied.
> The gateway computer is updated with all Windows security patches,
> and DirectX 9.0, but will not display the web shows. All I get is
> black square and the error message, "Image not created by
> (A bald-faced lie!)
> I guess everything is fine if you don't mind creating and
> web shows on one computer, then going to a second to view the web
> show. Did I mention each web show previews perfectly when viewed
> from my hard drive, but not when viewed from the web?
> Bummer! :-( I remain open to suggestions.

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