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music doesn't play with slideshow

Thank you, Chris. Version 5.1 produced my first successful music-
accompanied slideshow. I'm not sure what the indication is you
mentioned that would tell me if an MP3 won't work. I didn't see a
diagnostic, but I did notice that on the Sequencer tab the file I'd
been trying to use was listed as being over 35,000 minutes long!
(it's actually about 4 minutes long). Maybe that's the signal?

When I used an mp3 it said was 58 seconds long everything worked & I
even burned a successful CD of it.

I need to show this program to everyone I know. Thanks again.

> Some MP3s don't work. If you use 5.1 you get a better indic\ation
that you are
> using an unsupported format (eg MP3 PRO):
> Chris.

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