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Old April 21st, 2003, 10:29 PM
timpeng timpeng is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
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vcd playback skips

> No matter what I do, use mp3 or wav, burn slow or fast, the
> of my vcd slideshow with music always skips (sometimes at different
> places). I want to synch with music, but come on, I can't have it
> skipping. How can I make it play solid straight through???

To XAT team members:

I got the same problem. I usually combine songs into one .wav file
for a 10 to 14 min presentation (150-160 pictures at around 4 sec per
slide interval). I will have the VCD slide show stuck on certain
pictures (while skipping the pictures after it) for certain amount of
time then continue on with the show. The music never stopped, just
the picture stayed to be the same one while the rest got skipped. I
tried the disk on both of my DVD player and the error is the same. I
tried burn with CD-R, CD-RW, Slow and fast burn, different burner.
Same problem.

Some times, I will have to remove a group of pictures out of my
sequence to get it fixed. I sometime have to start from scratch (not
use my saved file) to fix the problem. The biggest problem with this
is that I will have to receate my slide show, wait for it to
generate, burn it all over again, and then sat through the whole
presentation just to make sure it donen't skip. This process can
sometime take days!! Sicne my newly create slide show will most
likely be stuck at exactly the same place, but then again, maybe
somewhere else. By the time I finish testing and finally get an
error free show, I am so sick of the presentation and the music I'm
ready to kill someone.

I originally purchase this product because of it unique ability to
produce Screen Saver and VCD presentation that sync to a given music
track. I must say we have been very disappointed with the
inconsistency of the product. I tried the beta version of 5.2 I
beieve, it's no better. I really hope someone from your company
would address this issue and give the consumer their money worth.

-Tim Peng

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