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Old August 31st, 2003, 07:41 AM
rbowren rbowren is offline
Join Date: Aug 2003
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Just when I was ready to throw in the towel I tried one last time &
it worked. It took six & one half hours to finish the create process.
I used 800 pictures & 12 music files mp3 .
For some reason when I went to create it said it was 696 mb.
It was like a warning letting me know before I burned it.
In reality I checked if after I burned it & it was only 652mb.
So I assume it is off about 44mb less in size than what it shows at
least in my case it was.
I have win 98 se.600mz so if yours is faster I assume it won't take
you as long. This time there was only 2 minor glitches but the
transitions are a little blurry on some of the changes until it
finishes the transition.
I used the spaced to music length & they only were up about two
seconds each & then the transition but when the last picture ended
the last song finished at the same time.
So I assume if I had used a few less songs the pictures would have
stayed up longer.
All in all not too bad overall but still needs some tweaking for me
to buy it. Ok with that said this is what I did to make it work & it
played on the computer & in the dvd player & it had transitions on
First if you have not already download this version 5.1 eng version 7
You can get it here : www.xat.com/xatshow/eng.html
If this does not show up as a link just copy & paste or Chris has a
clickable link a post or two above this one.
The first time I tried it using the ( use built in cd ) writer choice
that comes with it & it created but would not burn & at that point
it's too late to change your mind.
I can't guarantee theirs won't work but the following did work.
Under cd writer file type I chose mine which is nero.
I assume if you choose yours it will work.
First on the settings tab I chose Random for my transitions.
Under format I chose video cd 352x240 with transitions.
Under encoding I chose ntcs north america.
I put a check mark in the also put auto run pc screen saver/slide
show box.
On the options tab I had transition duration set at 2 seconds.
Rotation was set at from image ( recommended ).
I put a check mark in the spaced to music length box.
I put a check in the anti flicker filter box.
I left the reduce image to fit tv where it was at 6%.
It worked but I have no idea if that is where it should be or if
there is a better setting or what it actually does.
So if any of you understand that part smart me up about it.
On the sequenser tab & I think this is where I messed up the first I
always thought when something was grayed out it was off so I put a
chek in the box that says over ride settings for this slide show &
then they lit up & you could see them.
DON'T DO THAT leave that box empty.
I hope this works for you it did for me & I know how frustrating it
can be so I always share my successes.

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